Irish Ephemera

Emotional Architecture of the Irish Ephemera e·phem·er·a /ĭ-fĕmə–ər-ə/ n. pl. A short-lived thing. Printed matter of passing interest.[Greek, ephēmeron, mayfly, from neuter of ephēmeros, daily, short-lived.]The American Heritage DictionaryFifth Edition …

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The Next Great Artistic Movement

Permaculture, equity, and sustainability link together to help Le Chat Noir Theatrics create the humanistic foundation for 21st century New Orleans based artistic Movement: Neo-Renaissance A great migration of artists …

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Manifesto of Retta

The writing of the Retta Manifesto proclaimed a new status quo for contemporary Opera and Musical Theatre. Explore two snippets of the blazing Manifesto by Scott Knier

Amor Perdido (Lost Love)

Short Stories from the unpublished desk of Tennessee Williams “Knier, who is a talented triple-threat as actor, composer and singer, interweaves his own lovely compositions…providing segues from one story to …

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