A New Orleans Artistic Company

Le Chat Noir Theatrics moves to the crescent city and anticipates a “Fantastic interplay of aesthetics and guerilla-like social outreach”

While the artistic world kicks the stones of their old cobwebbed castles reduced to rubble by the fallout of COVID-19, Le Chat Noir Theatrics thrives by giving voices to the silenced and fighting for the sounds and songs of those who have been muffled for too long.

Le Chat Noir Theatrics is a social serving theatre guild providing for the needs of the impoverished artists across the United States of America. The purpose of our organization is to create an uplifting community of artists with their essential human needs met and to connect them with opportunities of public performance, producers, and production companies. Le Chat Noir Theatrics oversees equity in the amplification of voices heard across gender, creed, class, and race.

Three divisions of the non-profit corporation tackle three different areas of art creation that founders Cosgrove and newly added board member: Scott Knier hope to rethink and rebuild during this nations’ time of construction.

The Artistic Guild

The Guild is the pool of actors, poets, playwrights, musicians, composers, visual artists, and technicians Le Chat Noir Theatrics contracts. This elite club teams together to create products for workshops– many which are selected by the board of directors and made action on. The product is then workshopped and sold to a production company for performance.

There are many benefits of being a guild member. Weekly inspirational forums held by Knier and Cosgrove, a constant pool of driven artists to freely collaborate with, options for educational positions with The LCN Academy and monthly commissions that may result in production. An artist either applies for membership status or is contracted. Lately because of Covid, Le Chat Noir has started a mission to house and contract displaced artists with great talent seeking a space unencumbered with distractions. “This mission is one of the greatest things that a Theatre company has done in a while. LCNT takes artists out into the streets and demands they be noticed. People notice alright, they notice.”

The Academy

The Academy is a rigorous conservatory study in the areas of Music, Theatre, Dance, and Visual Art. Educators range from veteran professors of distinguished universities to professional practitioners of the craft. A great weight is put on social diffusion of ideas and tactics, a concept both Scott and Chloe wield constantly in the theatre company.

Le Chat Noir Theatrics will offer a new yearly summer program called: Le Festival du Chat Noir. It is a summer program for artists devoted to their craft and looking to engage in theatre making on a professional level. This highly intensive training program will produce a series of shows that are reviewed by agents and production companies in hopes of professional development

LCNT Productions

The productions wing is where the magic happens in Le Chat Noir. A monthly cabaret written, directed, and acted by guild members is a highly reclusive sight to see. Eight productions of the monthly cabaret are given. There is no public admittance and no cost of ticket. Password and invitation alone gains access to the hottest show in town featuring the brightest minds of the new generation. A waiting list for an invitation can be found at Lechatnoirtheatrics.com.

For more information on Le Chat Noir, visit their website at Lechatnoirtheatrics.com

Support the Black Lives Matter movement at blacklivesmatter.com

Investigate the recent going-ons of artist: Scott Knier at scottknier.com/authorship-and-artistry

Contact Scott via his contact page: www.scottknier.com/contact/

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