The Next Great Artistic Movement

Permaculture, equity, and sustainability link together to help Le Chat Noir Theatrics create the humanistic foundation for 21st century New Orleans based artistic Movement: Neo-Renaissance
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A great migration of artists begin to flood New Orleans as Composer Scott Knier and Theatre Company/Artistic Guild Le Chat Noir Theatrics bring new ideas to old forms and New forms to old ideas underpinned by a focus of “continual equity”. Lets take a look as to what this new movement entails in respect to Music and Theatre:

Le Chat Noir’s Music

Scott defines “entity based form” from his section of the neo-renaissance manifesto:

“A piece of music that lives like it’s creators. Entirely in the present moment remembering the past, working towards uncertain future that is effected by uncertain out comes.”

“Music that is undefined in the present moment by anything but what has defined it. It begins with silence. Is the piece silence? No. The piece is organic. It does not know of it’s end. Organic Music. Music that does not know of it’s place in respect to the entire piece. Music that does not have sensible structure with itself in respect to it’s end point but merely as the product of itself being in contact with the environment surrounding the self. Music that every note does not know itself in it’s entirety. Present minded music. Music that is thinking and conscious of it’s existence. Music that has gained consciousness and mimics it’s creator. Music that taunts the audience that is forced to be captive of it’s being, it’s pain, it’s flaws, it’s joys. Music that figures out it’s existence only during it’s performance. Music That solves it’s own meaning. Music that creates it’s own identity outside of the composer. Entity Based Composers shouldn’t give the being music it’s format, formal proceedings, or perfect endings. The music should figure itself out, itself, and lays bare it’s faults and fraudulences before defining itself before the audience.”

“Organic Music”

“Music that creates it’s own identity outside of the composer.”

A silence, then a vertical line upwards. Chromatic, then to discover jumps, leaps, syncopations, all different ways to express itself, while the act of discovering meaning and expression is laid bare to the audience. If this insentient music can discover meaning, then humans can easily too! The music is the composers. The instrumentalists are it’s flesh and blood. The sound is it’s expression. Listen to it! It will live and die before you. It may live and die 1000 times, but it will be a life. A bugs life, a cat’s life, a mans life, a bacteria’s life. No matter how long, it will be a life force that humans must bear witness too and greet and accept that, it too creates meaning and it too is living and it too deserves the same respect and understanding.

Le Chat Noir’s Theatre

A play must be engaged in the act of discovery, discovering that all it is is just a play and spending it’s time alive subconsciously trying to divert itself from realizing that it is just a play to be viewed for a ticket in a society of careless human beings.

The play starts as a play but without a reality to grasp onto. It creates its own reality out of the father and mother plays it’s based upon. Discovering itself. Discovering itself and playing games. Discovering what it is in comparison with who is in the room. Realizing it’s power, realizing it can create anything and everything. Creating everything and anything to distract itself from the fact that it is itself just a play and that there is no inherent meaning in it other than something to please the audience. Realizing it’s death will be the great cheer or booing of the audience. What will it do? Will it misconceive itself of that fact, or will it figure itself out and be okay with it, maybe even give the audience the ending they wanted?

What does the Neo-Renaissance communicate?

“The act of life, the preciousness of it. The purity. The infinite manifestations that could take root. the beauty in all iterations, all manifestations of the root.”

“Communicating the act of life enacting itself into being and figuring itself out, gaining consciousness and reacting to that consciousness. Being vulnerable to itself because it has created itself and is constantly trying to figure itself out until the end of it’s iteration.”

Covid-19 is still hindering the world of artistic practices, but does nothing to still the waves Le Chat Noir Theatrics is making in the International Artistic Community.

“Le Chat Noir Theatrics is a social serving theatre guild providing for the needs of the impoverished artists across the United States of America. The purpose of our organization is to create an uplifting community of artists with their essential human needs met and to connect them with opportunities of public performance, producers, and production companies. Le Chat Noir Theatrics oversees equity in the amplification of voices heard across gender, creed, class, and race.“

Mission Statement, Le Chat Noir Theatrics

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