Year by Year Resume

2021: American Journal Of Poetry‘s publication of: Letter to Yevgeny Yevtushenko

2020: Director of Development at Lantern Light Ministries

2020: Chairman of the Board at Le Chat Noir Theatrics

2020: Interim Fundraising Coordinator at Grace at the Green Light

2020: University of Illinois, BM, Music Theory and Composition

2020: Actor and Composer in Performance of Amor Perdido, Short Stories by Tennesee Williams
Invitation to the New Orleans Tennessee Williams Festival
Invitation to the St. Louis Tennessee Williams Festival

2020: Production of Folk Album: Guts on the Wall

2019: Premier of In Love and Fear for Concert Orchestra at the Sao Paolo Contemporary Composers festival

2019: Vienna Summer Music Festival, Guest Artist

2019: London Summer Music Theatre Festival, Guest Artist

2019: University of Illinois’ premier of Amongst the Clouds Directed by Chloe Cosgrove

2019: University of Illinois, Armory theatre’s production of Christmas Oratorio Directed by Chloe Cosgrove

2018: Vienna Summer Music Festival, Guest Artist

2018: University of Illinois’s workshops of Atlantis

2017: Vienna Summer Music Festival, Composer
Premier of Christmas Oratorio, Vienna Summer Music Festival

2016: International Thespians Association, Best Musical, Blue Monday

2016: Backlight Theatre Company’s premier of Blue Monday

2015: New York University, Playwriting Certificate.